What should you know about iRenew Perfect?

Tuesday, April 14, 201512:00 AM(View: 48925)
What should you know about iRenew Perfect?
Brightening Facial Cleanser returns your skin's pH back to "normal"
The optimum pH for skin is 5.5 pH simply means the level of acidity.
Your skin needs a certain amount of oil to stay waterproof and resistant to infection. Too little oil and you have dry skin (which can lead to problems with wrinkles); too much oil and you’ve got an oil slick and probably acne.
pH is measured from 1 to 14; 7 is neutral, 1 - 6.9 is acidic and 7.1 - 14 is alkaline.
The reason 5.5 is optimal? You want your skin to be able to be resistant to harmful bacteria, right? Between 4 and 6.5 is where you want to stay.
When you use a Brightening facial cleanser, please don’t use a body bar/soap/cleansing gel on your face, you tend to strip the acid mantle - especially with what’s mass produced for grocery and drug stores. Your skin is the first line of defense against all those creepy crawlies (microorganisms), wind, and pollution. By using your Brightening Facial Cleanser, Double Vitamin C Brightening Serum then Perfect Skin Moisturizer you bring your skin back to where it’s supposed to be.

These products helps to even skin tone, improve radiance and clarity and diminish age spots and freckles. Vitamin C helps to promote collagen production in the skin for smoother, firmer skin and acne-free skin