Hair Loss Treatment

Thursday, December 15, 201112:00 AM(View: 23624)
Hair Loss Treatment
I have been using KeraCell Hair Revitalizing Spray for the past six months. I was one of the participants in the clinical testing and continue to use it on my own. I am pleased to say that I have not only seen a noticeable reduction in the size of my bald spot, but my overall hair condition has improved--it is healthier, more manageable and smoother. I also really like the refreshing grapefruit scent. KeraCell is definitely a winner in my book!

Steve T., Simi Valley, CA

I am a 74 year young man and like most men my age, I inherited my father's receding hair, it has been thinning for several years now. I have not tried the other products out there because I don't believe in TV adds most of them are scams. In my eBay business I have been selling Susan's products without any regrets. I use this new "KeraCell" product every day for about 3 months, I have noticed significant new hair growth. I took pictures at the beginning of this process to document the progress, I see a slow but steady improvement and I am very pleased with the results.

Norbert N., Sparks, NV

I am a 57 year old man and like most men my age my hair has been thinning for several years now. I have tried several of the products out there with little to no success. With this new "KeraCell" product I have noticed significant thickening and some new hair growth. I have been using the serum once a day just after my morning shower and the simplicity and results are remarkable.

Jack S., Escondido, CA



Very cool! She makes a fantastic product (The Sweet Life Honey Body Butter). My girlfriend's hands have healed well and she says its the best they've been in years.

Jacob H., San Diego, CA